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Sunshine and Pixie Dust

Pine Cone Chalk Mineral Paint

Pine Cone Chalk Mineral Paint

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Are you in search of furniture paint near you? Look no further! Pine Cone is a warm and inviting milky, chocolate brown color that creates a cozy environment in your home. With its earthy tones, this versatile and organic hue brings a touch of natural beauty indoors, allowing you to bring the outdoors in.

Pine Cone is the perfect furniture paint for your chalk painting needs, whether you're working on furniture, cabinets, or any DIY project. Its smooth and creamy consistency ensures easy application, while its warm and inviting color adds depth and character to your pieces. Transform your furniture and revitalize your living space with the charm of Pine Cone.

Our chalk mineral paint is not only ideal for furniture, but it is also suitable for a wide range of surfaces. From wood and metal to plastics, brick, stone, glass, and even concrete, our paint delivers exceptional results. Its versatility allows you to explore your creativity without limitations, making it the go-to choice for all your painting endeavors.

For optimal results, pair Pine Cone with our premium chip brushfor effortless and precise application. And don't forget to use our White Lightning cleaner beforehand to ensure a smooth and flawless finish.

 Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed and matched to create any custom color you can imagine!

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