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Sunshine and Pixie Dust

Farmhouse Green Chalk Mineral Paint

Farmhouse Green Chalk Mineral Paint

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Introducing Farmhouse Green, a delightful and vibrant green color with subtle yellow undertones. This delicate hue serves as a cheerful and bright focal point, infusing any room with a sense of joy.

Create captivating contrasts by pairing Farmhouse Green with neutral tones or achieve a tranquil atmosphere by combining it with other shades of green.

Revitalize your furniture, cabinets, and DIY projects with our chalk mineral paint, specially formulated for exceptional results. Whether it's wood, metal, plastics, brick, stone, glass, concrete, or more, our paint adheres effortlessly to various surfaces, allowing you to unleash your creativity with ease.

Elevate your interior design with the refreshing charm of Farmhouse Green and experience the uplifting ambiance it brings to your spaces.

Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed and matched to create any custom color you can imagine!

Create Your Own Custom Color with our Color Lab:


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